New BorgGen (Cyborg Generator) and scripts!

We are happy to start 2015 with a lot of new things and ideas for our clients, we will be posting them here as always, and the first work done for this year is:

BorgGen (Cyborg Generator)! I had a web site to create cyborgs (  BorgGen allows users to create them own cyborg selecting the scripts they want, it started around 2003 wasn’t updated for several years, last update was on 2008, I kept it online like that till the past December, now, I’m really happy to announce the new version! It has new scripts and old scripts modified to work correct with PalaceChat, to start with  it has 178 scripts to pick up from and I will keep adding scripts to it in my free time.

New BorgGen (Cyborg Generator)!
New BorgGen (Cyborg Generator)!

You can generate your cyborg at and for the ones that uses sounds and/or props, you can get them at our ElitePalaces ShowRoom.

This is the fist beta version (since it was done with ASP and now it is all PHP) so, if you find some typo or error please report it to Us.

We have already 3 new awesome room scripts on the last phase to be public, so stay tuned for our next posts!

I hope you enjoy your palace experience with PalaceChat and a lot of great cyborg scripts!

New Script, Movies Room Spanish!

Estamos contentos de anunciar otro nuevo script este mes, ha sido probado en chat palace por algunas semanas y ahora esta disponible para nuestros clientes.

ElitePalaces Movies Esp.

El Movies Room (spanish version) te permite buscar por peliculas y verlas dentro de la sala, las imagenes, peliculas y todo el contenido no es hospedado en los servidores o red de ElitePalaces, nosotros solo proveemos links a ellos para que los puedan ver.

Como siempre, puedes revisar como funciona esta sala en el showroom y si quieres que te lo instalemos pidelo por email a =D


New script… Movies room!

UPDATE: As this script works from an external site and that site has changed them code and security, the script is not working for now, we are working on a fix or a similar room to be available soon.

We are happy to announce this month first new script, it had been tested at chat palace and now is available for all our clients.


The Movies Room (english version) allows you to search for movies and see them inside the room, the images, movies and all the content is not hosted at our servers or network, we only provide links to them so you all can use it.

EPMoviesEn2As always, you can check how this script works at the showroom and if you want this script installed request it by email to =D