New script… Movies room!

We are happy to announce this month first new script, it had been tested at chat palace and now is available for all our clients.


The Movies Room (english version) allows you to search for movies and see them inside the room, the images, movies and all the content is not hosted at our servers or network, we only provide links to them so you all can use it.

EPMoviesEn2As always, you can check how this script works at the showroom and if you want this script installed request it by email to =D


Cyborg scripts at the showroom and great news for our web clients!

Cyborg Scripts for Palacechat! We have finished our first 3 cyborg script rooms (movement, painting,  and props) at the showroom, there you can try them and get them if you like to add them at your cyborg, the ones that had to be edited to work correct with palacechat are now modified and works correct, so visit the showroom and get them now!


For our web clients! After some tests we are happy to announce for all our web clients that we have updated the Fantastico deluxe 2 version to the new Fantastico3 version! This is a huge improvement, the new fantastico have 28 categories and more than 500 scripts that can be installed in a couple of mins without needed to create databases, change permissions etc, all is done by the auto installer!

If you want to see the full list click Continue Reading!

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New Simon Says Versions and Halloween Tour 2014!

We are happy to announce our 6th ElitePalaces Halloween tour! it is open for all palaces (not only the ones hosted at elite) and as always we will have great prizes, register your palace before October 10th and have fun! visitors can start touring on October 12th to caste them votes till October 27th, more information and guidelines at !

New Converted Script!

We have modified since years ago the original Simon says foxy script to play with 8 options, now we have 3 new palacechat versions! Classic, Animals and Halloween (with 10 options).

ElitePalaces Simon Says Classic
ElitePalaces Simon Says Classic
ElitePalaces Simon Says Animals
ElitePalaces Simon Says Animals
ElitePalaces Simon Says  Halloween
ElitePalaces Simon Says Halloween

As always, you can check them at the ElitePalaces ShowRoom Palace and if you want them installed, request them by email to

New Portable Vimeo Player!

We are happy to announce this month script:

Portable Vimeo Player: This month new script is a new vimeo player for your rooms! you can search as usual with play + artist + song, click the play icon to play the first video available or click the search icon to get a list of results where you can select the one you want to play.

vimeo mini player

IMPORTANT: Vimeo allows adult content, so if your palace is for all ages we recommend you to use this scripts only on internal rooms and be specific with your search.

As always, request this script by email to!

New Battleship game (english) and a Bingo french version!

We are happy to announce this month news:

Battleship! Some users had asked to have this great game updated for big rooms, so here it is!


Bingo French Version! For our french clients, we have a new game translation with all our new version options (autocaller, pause, etc).


As always, you can check the scripts at the ElitePalaces ShowRoom Palace  and request the rooms you want by email to email.

New Arcade Multiplayer and updates!

Arcade Multiplayer: We are happy to announce this month news, as a lot of clients like our MultiGames Room, now we offer a new version where you can play against your friends! you can log in with your facebook account, register or play as guest! As always, you can test it at our ElitePalaces Showroom and if you like it, request it by email to !




UPDATE: We have updated our default pat file (the one we give with each new palace), it have now 82 rooms and include almost all our exclusive script, except the ones with adults content and the yahtzee generators that needs to be requested as usual.