How to admin it?

When this script is installed by us, you will have a hidden room with an administration vote script tool, there you will find the list of vote doors you have with the total number of votes, you will need only to click the X to blank the results to start it over (this is a wizards only room)

How to add your questions?

To use this script, copy the door with the questions to the room you want and edit the code on it, there you have 3 options to change:

1) “Type here your question?” question =

Change “Type here your question?” for your own question

2) “Type option 1” “Type option 2” “Type option 3”
Change this texts “Type option 1” “Type option 2” “Type option 3” for the options you want to offer to your visitors

3) “BB2277” backgroundcolor=

Change “BB2277” for the color you want to show on your votation.