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ElitePalaces Winter’s Snow Tour 2018!

We are happy to announce our 9th ElitePalaces Winter’s Snow tour! as always we will have great prizes, register your palace before December 7th and have fun! visitors can start touring on December 10th to cast them votes till December 27th

more information and guidelines at

ElitePalaces Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

Do you want to be part of the fun at our 3rd ElitePalaces Easter Egg Hunt event? well is really easy, the hunt will be around different palaces hosted at ElitePalaces and there will be different prizes for the first 3 places, users that finish the event with more points with less time.

This will be a really interactive event where all users can collect easter eggs but be careful! you can find spiders, bugs and other funny things that can rest you points!

If you want to add your palace as part of the event to receive the players, you are welcome too! please check all the information at Our event web site!