Music and Video Scripts

With the new PalaceChat commands and php compatibility, now we can offer more advanced scripts, in this post you can see the music and video ones we have available for all our clients (request the one you want to email)


1- Shoutcast Player: For our clients that have a shoutcast radio station and want to play it inside them palaces with start/stop and volume controls. (Exclusive, original  converted for palace by ElitePalaces)

2- KTPlayer: This is one of our most used scripts, this is the first music script that do not need you to have an station or upload music files to the server, you need only to type Play + Artist +song and the music will start! (Exclusive, original  for ElitePalaces, thanks to Katy!)

3- Shoutcast searcher: Winamp have a big list of shoutcast radio stations, with this script you can search for the type of station you want to listen, for example, tune country, and you will get in your log a list of stations to play! (Exclusive, original  for ElitePalaces, thanks to Katy!)


 ElitePalaces Multivideo room

At this room, you can paste and play videos from almost 50 different web sites (justinTV, youtube, vimeo, vevo, etc…) or play youtube videos directly using the command .seach ******* (change ***** for what you want to find on youtube), and the room will show the first  video it find with that information.

Youtube Search/Play rooms
The Youtube Search/Play mini is an script that offers a search box inside the room, and shows the results 6 by 6 with a next button.

This Youtube Search/Play script do what the mini version, but shows extra information for each video.

Adult Entertainment Center

With this room (Only for palaces rated 21+ Adults), you can search for adult videos typing search *****, it shows 8 results and arrows to navigate to more results.  (Exclusive, original  for ElitePalaces, thanks to Katy!)