New exclusive script… Apartment room!

We are happy to announce our newest Palacechat script for all ElitePalaces clients!

Sometimes, friends ask to have a room at your palace, now, with our apartment script, you can make the room and bless your friend as “apartment owner”, then your friend will get a menu where he can manage the whole room, add a background, add objects (small images as doors), re-size and move them, play youtube videos, start tinychat sessions, start a spin the bottle game, also can close the room, pin, gag, propgag and kick users from the room, having a punishment window that records all the punishments and allows you to remove them from the list.

So your friends will have a real permanent apartment with real powers inside it, not needing to be gods or wizards.

request it to and we will install it for you! (Exclusive, original  for ElitePalaces)