Old Palace32 rooms converted to palacechat

When palacechat4 got iptscrae compatibility, we started converting some of the most used rooms to this new format (making them with bigger images and modifying some of them to use new commands.)

Here is the list of those old rooms converted:

Big Chess/Checkers Table
Play chess or checkers moving the props to the correct position.
Big chess table for elitepalaces

  Big Connect 4
Play Connect4 making a line of 4 with your color.

Big Hangman
Guess the word your friend set before being hang!

Big Lines n’ Boxes
Line by line, make more boxes than your friend to win!

Big Scrambler
Order the letters to find the correct word.

Big yahtzee6!
We modified the traditional yahtzee6 by Foxy for big rooms

 And then, we made our new original layout (using foxy script)

Big Spin the Bottle!
Spin the bottle and answer the question!
(convertion requested by Blanca)

NOTE: You can request the one you want to the email support@elitepalaces.com with your palace information so we can install it at your palace.