2 New scripts… Vote Script and killip Manager!

 We are happy to announce our newest Palacechat script for all ElitePalaces clients! as always,  request the one you want to support@elitepalaces.com email.

Vote Script!

With this script, you can have surveys and vote rooms at your palace! you only need to edit the door where the script is and type there the question and possible answers, your users can vote only 1 time by survey.

When this script is installed by us, you will have a hidden room with an administration vote script tool, there you will find the list of vote doors you have with the total number of votes, you will need only to click the X to blank the results to start it over (this is a wizards only room)

killip Manager

With our killip Manager script, you can see the time an ip or range killed, the allowed codes and delete them if needed!

If you want it as usual, please request it to support@elitepalaces.com and we will install it for you!

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