2 New Scripts! and an important info :)

Hello all, we are happy to announce 2 new scripts for all our clients:

Exclusive Mini Video Player! – As a lot of our users had seen already, we had been testing a new mini youtube video player at chat palace, and now it is available for all our clients! You can see how it works and looks at Chat Palace.

ElitePalaces Mini Video!


This new player plays the music as usual (Play + artist + song) but it shows a small video screen and if someone enters to the room when a video is playing, they will start seeing the video in the same position all other users are.

ElitePalaces mini Video!


Snakes & ladders (Serpientes y Escaleras) ! – Based on the old Irritation script from Ice, we have now converted this room for big images and created a Snakes & Ladders version with it!

ElitePalaces Snakes and ledders!

Plus, we have an spanish version available (Serpientes y Escaleras)!

ElitePalaces Serpientes y Escaleras


As always, if you want some of this scripts installed please request them by email to support@elitepalaces.com!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of our clients had contacted us asking if ElitePalaces is closing, or if another active host is part of ElitePalaces, because there are people propagating these rumors and asking them to move to that host, so to leave this clear, ElitePalaces is not closing at all,  in fact, we are working daily on new scripts for our clients, and finding ways to promote PalaceChat to bring more visitors for our clients, and the only hosts that had closed and them users had been moved to ElitePalaces are Dpalaces (Dream Palaces), Tonali, Palacebox, Ipalaces (imperial palaces), and Apalaces (an small turkish host). At this moment we have only one spanish reseller that uses our network and our servers, but isn’t ElitePalaces neither they have them own staff, scripts etc, so if any person visits you with this kind of rumors,  make me a favor and send them to this post so they can have things clear too.


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