New Favicon Maker and Big Bingo Game Improved!

We are really happy to announce a new tool and a new converted and improved game!

Favicon Maker! If you don’t know about this new PalaceChat great option, now all palace owners can add a Favicon that will show when people connect to them palaces at the tabs bar and at them favorites, as not all people know how to create that icon, now we provide a generator you can use to put your own image and convert it to the correct size and format! It is available for you all to be used at our ShowRoom Palace (  palace://  ) .

ElitePalaces Favicon Generator!

Big Bingo Game! We take the old Foxy great bingo game to have a big version, but we don’t only make big images for it, with our new version you will find some great new options! for example…

A) Auto Caller: If you click the Auto Caller button, it will start calling cards each 10 seconds, so you only need to worry about your own card, the time can be modified editing the script configuration to be faster or slower.

B) Pause: If you are playing with the Auto Caller option, you can pause it at any time (if you have a call, someone at your door or need to pee!), then you can remove the pause and the Auto Caller will continue or you can start calling manually.

C) Manual Caller: The traditional way to play, starting the game with this option, you can call the new card each time you click the call new button.

D) Repeat: If you are playing with the Manual Caller option, you can repeat the last number called.

E) Changeable Background: We have made 4 different templates , but if you don’t like the background, you only need to change it for your own image and the cards and buttons will be added automatically when you return to the room.

EPBingoClassicEP Bingo PchatEP Bingo AnimeEP Bingo Gor

The versions are Classic, Pchat, Anime and Gor, you can request them all or the one you want!. You can request them as always by email to and test them at our ElitePalaces ShowRoom Palace (  palace://  ) .

Note: Someone contacted us saying we are using “copyrighted games” and we will be sued because of that by the Candy Crush Saga company, well I only want to let you all clear that all our embedded games are from sources that offer them for free with rights to embed them, the candy crush game we have is not created by that company, so enjoy our work 🙂


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