New Custom Menu script and Yahtzee Scores French Version!

We are happy to announce this month new toys, you can check them at the ElitePalaces Showroom.

Yahtzee scores generator, french version! A lot of french clients love to play yahtzee, so we have now a version for them to generate them rooms with boards (24 differrent combinations of colors and styles) and play on them own language saving scores!

ElitePalaces Generator Scores French!

And that is not all for this month, now we offer to all our clients our new advanced Custom Menu Script, with it you only need to configure how you want your menu to appear (hide or not when people enter the room, at what corner and direction) and then add in one line the image you want to use and what you want the script to do! so all people can have now great menus with a few clicks and full customizables.

ElitePalaces Custom Menu


Update 1: We have our multigames room fixed so it works correct again!



Update 2: We have updated the mini video player with new options, now you can get the video image bigger or  return it to the default size with a button, if nobody is playing, you can click at the play door and type in a box what you want to play and turn on or off the player with a button!



If you want to have the scripts installed at your palace, request them as usual emailing to


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