Youtube scripts…Update May 20th 2015

Elite YouTube 100% fixed

UPDATE May 20th 2015: Youtube in member rooms, apartment and search/play and compact scripts are fixed now (we are only making some small changes to make them work better) so all our scripts that uses youtube are updated and working now with the new youtube api3!.

UPDATE May 11th 2015:?Mini video player 3 is full converted to api3 and working for ElitePalaces users!!! you only need to return to the room and start enjoying it.

May 6th 2015: I’m happy to announce that we were able to update most of our scripts for youtube API3 before the old API2 was shutdown.

Two of the already fixed ones (ktplayer and multivideo) needs to include an extra line in the room code, instructions for wizards are in the log ?when you enter the room, please contact our staff for help if you need it.

We will keep working in new scripts as soon as the changes for youtube ones are completed.

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