How to?? Configure PalaceChat for Windows 10 (Update)

We have a new version of PalaceChat and now the players should work correct after your update, if you have updated your palacechat with windows 10 and you are still having issues with the players, please follow these steps.

Check if the internet explorer version is configured correct:


1- Click Edit Menu.

2- Click Options.


3- Click the last tab (Advanced).

4- Scroll down to the Web Content section and select the Internet Explorer version 12+ (Edge)

5- Click Close.

6- Restart PlaceChat software and the players should work!

If you had followed this steps and you are now listening the videos but you are getting an update flash player version message like this one…



…Follow these steps.


1- Open IE11 and click the options icon.

2- Go to Safety.

3- Unckeck the “ActiveX filtering” option.

Go to palacechat and test it, all should work ok now!

If you had followed these steps and you are still having issues with the embed scripts, please contact ElitePalaces support.

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