New Script… Temporal Avatar Tool!

We are happy to announce all our clients our new exclusive script (Thanks to Ze Witchi).

You can add this script at the rooms where you want your visitors to share them props without needing to offer them to all the users inside the room, all users can add the avs they want clicking “Add Temp Avatar” and the other users that are already inside the room can get them clicking “Prev” “Reset” or “Next” as they do normally at all normal av rooms.


The props stay temporally inside the room till the person stays in the room or till the person that add them click “Remove my Props“, people inside the room can clean the prop list for them selfs clicking “Clear Temp Avs“.

We install this script in a room with instructions so owners, gods and wizards can copy it easily to all the rooms they want.


As always, you can request this script to be added to your palace sending an email to, we are working on some new scripts so keep checking our blog for notices.

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