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ElitePalaces Easter Egg Hunt 2017!


In our first Easter Egg Hunt we had a lot of fun, do you want to be part of the fun at our 2nd ElitePalaces Easter Egg Hunt event? well is really easy, the hunt will be around different palaces hosted at ElitePalaces and there will be different prizes for the first 3 places, users that finish the event with more points with less time.

This will be a really interactive event where all users can collect easter eggs but be careful! you can find spiders, bugs and other funny things that can rest you points!

If you want to add your palace as part of the event to receive the players, you are welcome too! please check all the information at Our event web site!

New Game: ElitePalaces Wheel of Fortune!

We are happy to announce our new game available for all ElitePalaces Clients, The Wheel of Fortune by Samson!

This is the classic game where players get the number of letters to guess…

…then spinning the wheel they get points and a turn that can be used to guess a letter… 

…to buy a vowel…

or to guess the full sentence!

As always, you can check how the game works at our ElitePalaces Showroom Palace and request it to be installed at your own palace by email to Support!

Updated Script… EP Events Calendar 2017!

We are happy to announce that our great tool made for Elitepalaces by ;Ze Witchi~ is updated now and we have a 2017 version! with the EP Events Calendar 2017! script you can add scheduled events, bdays, and all your important dates to show in the calendar really easy  so your visitors and staff knows and follow your palace movements!

You can change the top images of the calendar if you want to use your own.

We have 3 versions available:

Classic Version:

Anime Version:EPEventsCalendar20162

Gor Version:EPEventsCalendar20163

As always, you can check how the script works at our ElitePalaces Showroom Palace and request it by email to

New Music Script EMplayer!

ElitePalaces created the first music player for PalaceChat that gets the music from youtube some years ago, now we are happy to announce our new music player version EMplayer (with no adds) this plays music from youtube with no video, it also updates the song so if someone else enters to the room when a song is playing, that person gets the same song at the same position as the other users!

As always you can test how it works at the ElitePalaces Show Room palace and request it by email to