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Here you can find information about the script for PalaceChat we offer for all our clients (most of them are exclusive ones!)

New Elite Games MultiPlayer!

Do you want to play against your friends? we are happy at ElitePalaces to announce our new Elite Games Multiplayer!

Select the game you want in the left menu, right now we have 66 available games! to see the other ones click in the numbers.EPMultiPlayerGames01

Check if there are open tables to play or click in yourself to open a new table and wait for your friends to enter.

Then you can start playing and having fun!EPMultiPlayerGames04

When the game finish, you and your friends can play again, start a new game or selet another one in the left menu.EPMultiPlayerGames05

As always, you only need to request the script to be installed at your palace to by email.

ElitePalaces ZeClock!

EPZeClock is our newer script, thanks to our builder ;Ze Witchi that scripted it 🙂

EPZeClock is a clock you can add to the rooms, we have 7 clocks designs the ones you can use, just copy them to the rooms you want.


If you want you can also customize any of them to use your own images. Enjoy!

As always you can request this room to the email? check it at the ElitePalaces ShowRoom

Advanced Prop Room updated (new options)

We are happy to announce the first script for July!

We know a lot of our clients love the Advanced Prop room, now we have new options for it and they are already updated at all your rooms!

AdvancedPropsUpd1We have a new command ‘editprops that allow owners and gods blessed at that room to see a list of prop id’s, edit the list, delete some of them or all the props?from a room with a click!

AdvancedPropsUpd2 AdvancedPropsUpd3

Youtube scripts…Update May 20th 2015

Elite YouTube 100% fixed

UPDATE May 20th 2015: Youtube in member rooms, apartment and search/play and compact scripts are fixed now (we are only making some small changes to make them work better) so all our scripts that uses youtube are updated and working now with the new youtube api3!.

UPDATE May 11th 2015:?Mini video player 3 is full converted to api3 and working for ElitePalaces users!!! you only need to return to the room and start enjoying it.

May 6th 2015: I’m happy to announce that we were able to update most of our scripts for youtube API3 before the old API2 was shutdown.

Two of the already fixed ones (ktplayer and multivideo) needs to include an extra line in the room code, instructions for wizards are in the log ?when you enter the room, please contact our staff for help if you need it.

We will keep working in new scripts as soon as the changes for youtube ones are completed.

New Game – Jigsaw Puzzles!

We are happy to announce this month first release, and is a great game, the first version of Jigsaw Puzzles!

With this room, you can select between 10 different puzzles …


… the room recognize the pieces position and if it is correct will play a sound …


… and will recognize when the puzzle is done!


You can create your own puzzle pieces and change it in the script to have personalized images.

Many Thanks to our tech Samson that created this script and shared it with Us for all our clients! As always, you can check the room at our ShowRoom Palace and if you want this script installed, please request it by email to

New PalaceChat Game… Ludo, and new Yahtzee generator plus!

We are happy to announce our March releases, and this time we have one completely new game room and a new Yahtzee Scores Version!

Ludo Game! , This is a really good game, basically you need to move 4 tokens of the color you select to make them return to the color position following the numbers from a dice, to be able to put a token in the board you need to get a 6 with the dice, and if another person place a token at your position, you need to start over with that piece, the one that can return the 4 tokens wins! this is a game for 2 to 4 players!

We have done 3 english versions and a german version, in the next days we will have an spanish version too (for spanish people this game is called Parchis)

Ludo Anime Version
Ludo Anime Version
Ludo Classic Version
Ludo Classic Version
Ludo Gor Version
Ludo Gor Version

(Thanks to Anime Palace that shared this exclusive script with Elitepalaces so all our clients can enjoy it!)

Yahtzee6 Generator Plus! Some users requested us a new version for yahtzee with higher scores so we have created a new generator with 24 new templates, now yahtzee can score 200 and 300!

As always, you can check this rooms at the showroom and request the ones you want by email to