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Here you can find information about the script for PalaceChat we offer for all our clients (most of them are exclusive ones!)

New BlackJack game and ElitePalaces ShowRoom!

ElitePalaces ShowRoom

The ElitePalaces ShowRoom palace is a place where you all can find a lot of help, from the most basic scripts to copy/paste till our advanced exclusive PalaceChat rooms that you can test and decide if you want Us to install at your own Elite Palace, tutorials, and a place where normally you can find our tech team!.

New converted game! We manage to convert a great BlackJack game (Original script by TX created on 2000) and modify it to work on PalaceChat, you can check it at our ShowRoom and if you want it, request it as usual by email to


New Games Room! We are working on a fix for the multigames room, but so you all can keep playing we offer to you this new room with games categories and a lot of options, we will keep updating this room and the updates will show automatically at your palace!, check it at our ShowRoom and if you want it at your palace request it as usual by email to

New converted scripts and Winter’s Snow Tour!

ElitePalaces 5th Winter’s Snow Tour 2013! Register your palace to win great prizes, have fun meeting new friends and showing your work!

Click the image to subscribe your palace!


We are happy to announce a new game converted to big rooms and modified to work properly with PalaceChat!

Slots Machine! We have made 4 different rooms for this game, you can request the one you want or all of them! All people can play it at the same time because now it is local.

Big Slot Machine – Classic Cherry’s


Big Slot Machine – PalaceChat


Big Slot Machine – Winter’ Snow


Big Slot Machine – Gor (For adults palaces!)



As always, request the ones you want by email to

2 New Scripts! and an important info :)

Hello all, we are happy to announce 2 new scripts for all our clients:

Exclusive Mini Video Player! – As a lot of our users had seen already, we had been testing a new mini youtube video player at chat palace, and now it is available for all our clients! You can see how it works and looks at Chat Palace.

ElitePalaces Mini Video!


This new player plays the music as usual (Play + artist + song) but it shows a small video screen and if someone enters to the room when a video is playing, they will start seeing the video in the same position all other users are.

ElitePalaces mini Video!


Snakes & ladders (Serpientes y Escaleras) ! – Based on the old Irritation script from Ice, we have now converted this room for big images and created a Snakes & Ladders version with it!

ElitePalaces Snakes and ledders!

Plus, we have an spanish version available (Serpientes y Escaleras)!

ElitePalaces Serpientes y Escaleras


As always, if you want some of this scripts installed please request them by email to!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of our clients had contacted us asking if ElitePalaces is closing, or if another active host is part of ElitePalaces, because there are people propagating these rumors and asking them to move to that host, so to leave this clear, ElitePalaces is not closing at all,  in fact, we are working daily on new scripts for our clients, and finding ways to promote PalaceChat to bring more visitors for our clients, and the only hosts that had closed and them users had been moved to ElitePalaces are Dpalaces (Dream Palaces), Tonali, Palacebox, Ipalaces (imperial palaces), and Apalaces (an small turkish host). At this moment we have only one spanish reseller that uses our network and our servers, but isn’t ElitePalaces neither they have them own staff, scripts etc, so if any person visits you with this kind of rumors,  make me a favor and send them to this post so they can have things clear too.


New Scripts and updates!

We have a lot of news for all our clients so let’s start with them:

Our ElitePalaces 5th Halloween Tour 2013 have winners!!


We know a lot of users enjoy our advanced apartment rooms, but want to play music there and pasting the ktplayer didn’t work, so we have included our ktplayer as part of the apartment room, this means, all apartments already created will have it now and all new apartments will be build with the ktplayer included too!.


A) We have now some new yahtzee rooms for all our clients with new boards rebuild from scratch with 1000*650px size, all clients can request this rooms separately or all of them!

B) Season Yahtzees! We have 3 different season animated yahtzees, Valentine, Halloween and Christmas, we will add more soon, if you have an idea of a season yahtzee please contact us and we can add it too.

ElitePalaces Yahtzee Seasons

C) Yahtzee Generator Room! For the last 10 years, our clients and friends had enjoyed our yahtzee generator web site, lately, some of them had asked Us for a version for big rooms to match with the new features of PalaceChat software, now we are happy to announce you all that We finally update our script and now is build in inside a room! so you will be able to create the images selecting from different styles and colors at your own palace, save the image, upload it to your media and then duplicate the base room and change the image name! here is an screen shot of the different colors and styles you can use:

ElitePalaces Yahtzee generator

D) Yahtzee Scores Generator Room! One of our first advanced scripting adaptations that was done 3 years ago was creating a board where yahtzee players register them scores for a tournament, now all our clients can request the new board that shows the top10 and all time scores, plus, we have a second generator so you can select the board color you want and add your own image to them, keeping a track of the scores of all your rooms!

NEW UPDATE! (Oct 25th 2013) Our new version of this generator now includes 24 template rooms (4 styles each one with 6 different colors)!

Yahtzee Generator Scores!

E) On enter yotube script! Some people like to have at them landing zones an introduction video, or a video playing each time someone enter to the room without needed to click play, so we offer now this script to all our clients.

EPVideo on Enter

F) Youtube theater! At this room, you can add all the youtube video codes you want, the room will generate an small image from your video directly from youtube and people can start the video they want clicking on the images. It have 2 versions, one that play individually for each person that click the videos and another one that play the video for all people inside the room.

Elitepalaces Video Selector

As always, all this scripts and updates are totally free for all our clients and can request the ones you want by email to . I hope you all enjoy our work, more new soon…

2 New scripts… Vote Script and killip Manager!

 We are happy to announce our newest Palacechat script for all ElitePalaces clients! as always,  request the one you want to email.

Vote Script!

With this script, you can have surveys and vote rooms at your palace! you only need to edit the door where the script is and type there the question and possible answers, your users can vote only 1 time by survey.

When this script is installed by us, you will have a hidden room with an administration vote script tool, there you will find the list of vote doors you have with the total number of votes, you will need only to click the X to blank the results to start it over (this is a wizards only room)

killip Manager

With our killip Manager script, you can see the time an ip or range killed, the allowed codes and delete them if needed!

If you want it as usual, please request it to and we will install it for you!

2 New scripts… MultiCinema and Ban List Manager!

We are happy to announce our newest Palacechat script for all ElitePalaces clients! as always,  request the one you want to email.

ElitePalaces MultiCinema!

With our exclusive MultiCinema script, Your visitors can see full movies from 3 different sites. Search from the first one, click the site icon to change to the next one and get more results for your search, click it again for the 3rd site!.

Ban List Manager

With our Ban list Manager script, you can see the time a user have banned, killed or tracked, add or edit comments, delete bans, etc!