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How to remove the Microsoft update that affects PalaceChat flash embed scripts?

UPDATE Jan 3rd 2016: Microsoft and Adobe are working together trying to find a fix for this issue. That is affecting a lot of programs not only palacechat, for more info about it you can check this Microsoft Board Post? and we will announce here when is safe to reinstall the upgrade.

Dec 30th 2015: Hello all, as some users know, an automatic windows update that “fixes” some flash issues is now affecting PalaceChat, skype and some other programs when they use flash or video embeds, we hope a fix can be out soon,


For now, if your PalaceChat software freezes when someone plays a song, a movie or playing games, please follow this steps.

a) Go to your Windows start menu
b) Click on Settings
2c) Then go to Update and Security
3d) From there click on advance options in the Windows Update Tab
4e) Click on view update history
5f) Click Uninstall Updates6g) Order your results per date, find the “Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3132372)”, right click on it and click Uninstall.
h) Reboot your computer if needed.

Some times, the update is reinstalled, to avoid it to get installed again please follow this steps

i) Download the Microsoft tool “Show or Hide Updates” clicking HERE.
j) Start the tool and click Next
8k) Click “Hide Updates”
9l) The program will check the available updates for your system, when done it will show a list where you need to find the “Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3132372)” and put a checkmark on it, then click next.
10To resolve the problem, the tool can take some minutes
11am) when done, it will show a problem fixed result
12n) Click close and test PalaceChat again, all should work good now!

We are happy to share this information with all our clients, have you all a great new year and stay tuned, we have some great things to share with you all this new year 2016!

New Flash client OpenPalace!


Dear ElitePalaces Clients,

We are glad to announce a new flash client is being developed it has been installed in all elitepalaces clients for a few months and is still on beta phase but it has already great options like:

-Big avatars support, 200 * 200 pixels (compatible with palacechat)
-the capability of seeing phalanx and palacechat avatars
-Create avatars and save them.
-Supports bigger rooms than 512*384 on full color(32 bits)
-Supports paint and scripts.
-Supports loose props.

We think is a great option to bring new people to palace since this web client can use games, avatar rooms and can see the paint others use, it is being developed really fast by a great programmer Brian McKelvey.

You can access your palaces with it using our directory clicking on Openpalace. Please let us know if you need the direct link to it or if you have any questions about it.

The last version of the openpalace client has build in the elitepalaces directory.

Please if you wish to support this project feel free to donate to the programmer at this link:


Estimados Clientes de ElitePalaces,

Estamos contentos en anunciar que un nuevo cliente flahs esta siendo desarrollado, ha estado instalado en elitepalaces por algunos meses y esta aun en la fase beta de desarrollo pero ya tienes grandes opciones como:

-Soporta avatares grandes (200*200) (compatible con palacechat)
-Tiene la capacidad de ver los avatares de phalanx y de palacechat.
-Se puede crear y grabar avatares.
-Soporta cuartos mas grandes de 512*384 en fullcolor (32bits)
-Soporta pintura y scripts.
-Soporta props sueltos.

Pensamos que es una buena opcion de traer nueva gente al palace ya que es un cliente via web y se pueden usar los juegos, avatares y se pueden ver la pintura que otros usan, esta siendo desarrollado muy rapidamente por el gran programador Brian McKelvey.

Pueden accesar a su palace usandolo desde nuestro directorio dando click en la opcion de OpenPalace. Por favor dejennos saber si necesitan el link directo o si tienen alguna pregunta.

La ultima version del cliente openpalace tiene integrado el directorio de elitepalaces.

Por favor si quieren soportar este proyecto sientanse libres de donar al programador en este link:


ElitePalaces Chers Clients,

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer un client nouveau flash est en cours d’élaboration, il a été installé chez les clients elitepalaces tous pour quelques mois et est toujours en phase bêta, mais il a déjà beaucoup d’options comme:

-Les avatars grand soutien, 200 * 200 pixels
-la capacité de voir phalange et palacechat avatars
-Créer des avatars et les sauver.
Prise en charge des chambres plus grandes que 512 * 384, couleur (32 bits)
-Prise en charge de peinture et de scripts.
-Prise en charge des accessoires en vrac.

Nous pensons que c’est une excellente option pour attirer de nouvelles personnes au palais depuis ce client web peut utiliser des jeux, des salles d’avatar et peut voir les autres, utiliser de la peinture, il est développé très rapidement par un grand programmeur Brian McKelvey.

Vous pouvez accéder à vos palais avec l’aide de notre répertoire cliquant sur Openpalace. S’il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir si vous avez besoin du lien direct à cet organisme ou si vous avez des questions à ce sujet.

La dernière version du client openpalace a construit dans le répertoire elitepalaces le.

S’il vous plaît, si vous souhaitez soutenir ce projet, n’hésitez pas à faire un don pour le programmeur à ce lien:

Thank You
Owner-Head of Operations
icq: 116429923
aim: AMex0
yahoo: alexmex0
follow us at twitter!

“url file-access is disabled” Error message

This error shows if you use some code with “require” to get information of one of your subfolders, this is because the server security disabled that function, but is really easy to fix, click “more” to get information about how to solve it

Este error se muestra usas codigo con “require” para obtener informacion incluida en tus subfolders, ya que la seguridad del servidor apaga esta funcion, da click en “more” para saber como solucionarlo

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Register Globals problem

This problem shows when a script or form is not pharsing the information (so the form or script results is empty) but you are not getting some error message, click “more” to get information about how to solve it.

Este problema se presenta cuando un script o formulario no transmite la información (por lo que el resultado queda vacío) y no muestra algun mensaje de error, da click en “more” para saber como solucionarlo

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